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Why choose dobülog?

As we have been successfully active on the market for over 30 years now, both SMEs and large corporations from a great variety of industries have come to rely on our expertise. 

We have extensive expertise in the areas of:

  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Storage and conveyor technology
  • Warehouse management systems
  • Material flow planning
  • Order picking systems

From the initial conceptual ideas to final commissioning, we are your central point of contact.

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We use our extensive cross-industry knowledge to transfer experience and solutions to other industries.

Our vendor independence and broad market knowledge in all areas of intralogistics opens the door to a significant savings potential when selecting suitable suppliers.

Whether it’s detail improvements, reengineering or total system performance you are looking for:  the over 250 distribution centres and logistics systems we have implemented speak for themselves.

We will find the solution best for you – always tailored to your requirements and ideas.

Our expert status is your investment security.

We, Federico Domnik and Andreas Bücker, vouch for this with our names.