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Innovative logistics planning is responsible for optimising the key entrepreneurial success factors of productivity, quality and delivery readiness. A dynamic and efficient logistics makes flexibility a prerequisite of system planning in order to take into account not only the current requirements but also future developments. That is what we aspire to.

Our first concept draft defines the operations planning, the layout, the required technology and the level of facility automation. We develop different planning options for you that we evaluate and adopt together with you, taking account of business-related success factors.

In the detailed planning stage, we take care of tendering, soliciting and examining bids as well as awarding the contract.

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The services we provide for you:

Detailed planning

  • Detailed finalisation of plans / master plan development
  • Tender / drafting of specifications
  • Soliciting bids
  • Evaluation and comparison of bids Award recommendatio

Concept planning

  • Design and implementation planning (master plan development)
  • Development of options and layout determination
  • Simulation
  • Security concepts / fire protection
  • System comparison and recommendation
  • Profitability appraisal
  • Schedule and realisation plan
  • Production logistics
  • Management of logistics projects